Types of Bongs You Can Buy That Are Right for You

There are many new and novel ways to how people can consume cannabis products. However, beaker bongs have remained the go-to choice for cannabis users. There are different types of beaker bongs that you can choose from depending on their suitability to you. Here are the different bong designs.

Carburetor Bongs

ionThese are beaker bongs that usually have holes in the middle. Carburetor bongs are designed that way so that they can release heat that is much more intense. The carburetor hole is put there so that it can let in more fresh air when you release your finger. The fresh hair will make your smoking experience more intense since it will since it will make the smoke rise and get into your lungs more rapidly. Inhaling the contents of the pipe will, therefore, be made easy.

Straight Tube Bongs

Among all the beaker bong designs available, the ones with the simplest of designs are the straight tube beaker bongs. It consists of a straight tube that is sealed at one end while there are a stem and bowl on the other end. Straight tube beaker bongs are the simplest to use. This is because you will just put your cannabis in the bowl and then you pour a bit of water in the tube then you will be good to go.

Beaker Shaped Bongs

This type of beaker bong is similar to the straight tube bong. However, the only difference is that its bottom is shaped like a cone. This makes it look like a beaker. They have usually preferred over the straight tube bongs because they are very stable. Using it involves the same smoking process as the straight tube bongs since you just add cannabis, water and then fire and you are good to start smoking.

Round-Base Bongs

They have a lot of similarities with the beaker shaped bongs. However, their water chamber is shaped like a sphere with a flat base. However, they are slightly less stable than the beaker shaped bongs. This is because the flat surface is less as compared to that of the beaker shaped bongs.

Multi-Chamber Bong

It is also called a recycler bong. It is similar to the straight tube bong. The only variation is that its straight tubes are separated into two chambers. These separate chambers are connected by a third chamber. The upper and the lower chamber hold water making it be able to filter the smoke twice. It, therefore, gives the best smoking experience since it provides a cool and smooth smoke.